How to Make Someone Love You — Single Most Important Piece of Advice

For those of you who’ve visited my website,  have heard me lecture, and/or who have read my book, (Lucky in Love ),  you know that I have a rather extensive philosophy about what makes people irresistible in love.   The essence of it, however, goes hand in hand with my previous post:   Make people feel good about themselves.

This does not mean drowning people in false (or even real) flattery.  While this might get you dates,  it’s not the basis for a deep and meaningful relationship which will transform your (and their) life.

I am a huge believer in the transformative power of true love, and have dedicated my life to helping people understand what love really is,  and how to invite more of it into your life.  To  achieve this does take some work  — on ourselves above all, because in understanding ourselves at the deepest possible level,  we learn to understand others. And understanding others is the essence of love.

So, what is the single best  thing you can do to get people to absolutely adore you?

See them as they really are; see them they see themselves and see them as  they wish to be –  and help them reconcile all three.

When you can help another person see the potential for greatness in him or herself,  and if you help them navigate that path,  your value to them increases a hundred fold.


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