Perpective Changes Perception

Today, I stumbled upon this incredible work of art by Belgian artist, Fred Eerdekens.

I love this piece for so many reasons.  It’s brilliantly creative,  drolly clever and  technically amazing.  Much more than that, however, is that it really illustrates,  in a visceral way, how perspective can totally change one’s perception.

Look at this artwork from one angle, and it seems to be nothing more than a random, tangled mess of twisted metal.  But step back,  look at it another way, in the right light and from a different perspective, and its deeper meaning suddenly snaps into our brain.  We can never regard the twisted metal as  insignificant again.  Our perceptions have been permanently changed.  We cannot “unsee” what we’ve have seen; “unlearn” what we have learned.

Understanding the significance of our own experiences is often just a matter of perspective. Change where you stand,  and the experience is perceived differently. That’s how epiphanies happen.

How can you change your view,  so you see things differently?


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