Change Your View, Change Your Life

I’ve always been interested in the deep, inner, complex  emotional lives of my fellow  human beings.   I love to understand what makes people tick — their motivations, fears, insecurities,  dreams, goals — and I think I’m pretty good at it.   Friends have always come to me for advice.  Even people who I’ve only just met tend to pour out their hearts to me.

 I take  genuine joy in helping others find more resourceful ways to solve their problems and resolve their issues.  I hope you will be inspired to positive change through my blog and website.

A little about me:   I am a life coach based in NYC.  I have both a private practice and am a motivational speaker to both large and small groups.   I am also a  freelance writer,  lecturer, humorist,  certified NLP and EFT practitioner, and  licensed hypnotist.   I have  written advice columns for international magazines and various websites, and have been the relationship expert for  Klugertown, a talk radio show based in Phoenix, AZ.

I welcome you to visit my website, and invite you to submit questions for my Advice section or offer suggestions for topics.  Personal consultations are,  of course,  also available.


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